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Okay, I don’t normally post things like this, but this really bothered me. This website is creating small clocks where bettas are to be housed. These clocks are very small, there are no plants for the betta to hide in or feel comfortable around, and the tank will fill up with ammonia very quickly, leading to a quick fish death.

A living animal shouldn’t be made to suffer for someone’s enjoyment. By all means, don’t let that stop you from getting a betta. But if you do, get a big enough tank for it, lots of plants, and help it be happy. Don’t put it in a clock on the wall.

Please, email the company and ask them to stop making these clocks.

Link to the company: AQUAVISTA

Also, please email and urge them to stop carrying this product.

Reblogging this is good, but please, if you agree, don’t just reblog, write the companies.

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    I checked it out, they only sell the tanks, no fish in them, you can put plants in there if you want to and everything....
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    Considering Marina’s disgusting “bettacubes”, these aren’t that bad. The round ones are 1.2 gal. Not sure about the...
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